Pro 8000 Instructions

Basic Functions
To increase the temperature press the up arrow for each degree warmer you would like your house. To decrease the temperature press the down arrow once for each degree colder you would like your house These settings will only temporarily change the temprerature until the next time period begins. If you would like the temperature to be permanent press the "hold" button. Press the hold button again if you would like to hold for a set number of days. This feature is often use while on vacation. Note: If the hold button is pressed the thermostat will no longer follow the programmed schedule. To return to the schedule press the "cancel" button

Fan Settings
The most common setting is "AUTO" this turns the furnace fan on or off when the system turns on or off. Press fan to select between the On/Auto/Circ settings. The "On" setting leaves the fan on until the setting is changed. The "Circ" setting will turn on a few times per hour when the furnace is not in heating or cooling and will circulate the air in the house. This improves indoor air quality when an Electronic Air Cleaner is installed or can be used to help regulate temperatures of hot or cold rooms exist.

Changing from heating to cooling
Press the systmes button the settings are "Heat", "Off" and "Cool". Press the button until the desired mode is selected and then press done.

How to program your thermostat
Your new thermostat is already programmed to Energy Star(R) program settings which can save up to 33% on heating/cooling expenses

1: Press the "SCHED" Button
2: Select the days you would like to set by pressing each day. Once the day has a check mark next to it, you are ready to program these days.
3: Select the "wake" button and press edit if you would like to change the settings.
4: Adjust the time that you wake up and the temperatures you would like your house to be when you awake.
5: Press "Leave" and then press the edit button
6: Adjust the time that you normally leave your house in the morning and set the temperatures that you would like the house. 62 for heat and 85 for cooling are recommended. If you do not leave during the day(such as saturday and sunday) press the cancel period button
7: Press Return and then press edit to adjust the settings for when you return home.
8: Adjust the time that you return and the temperatures you would like your house to be when you return.
9: Press the Sleep button and then press edit to change the settings.
10:Adjust the time that you go to sleep and the temperatures you would like your house to be when you go to sleep. We recommend 62 for heat and 85 for cooling for energy savings.
11:Repeat steps as necessary to select the days that you would like the thermostat to adjust temperatures for you when you leave and return.
12:Congratulations!!! You now have a programmed thermostat set to your individual needs that will save you money on heating and cooling costs
Note: This thermostat uses Adaptive Intelligent Recovery to learn how long it takes to warm up or cool down your house. Example: If the wake time is set to 6AM the system will turn on before 6AM to adjust the temperature in your house so it is comfortable when you wake up. During this time the thermostat will flash "In Recovery"

Cooling not working?
This thermostat features built in compressor protection. If your air conditioner turns off, the thermostat will wait 3 minutes until it will allow the air conditioner to turn on again. This feature will increase the life of your air conditioner. If protection is on the "Cool On" will be flashing to show it is in protection.